Co executors disagree on liquidating land

A person who receives property or a share of an estate under a will has certain rights as soon as the will is probated.Probate, a court proceeding that affirms the will's validity and gives the executor the legal authority to distribute the estate, is designed to protect the rights of will beneficiaries.He must act in the best interests of the estate and its beneficiaries.

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For example, if an executor gives money to one beneficiary but withholds money from another without an acceptable reason, he is being unfair.A beneficiary has the right to notification of probate court actions, to see the original will and to ask the executor for information and documentation relating to the estate assets such as value appraisals, asset sales contacts and a property inventory.Beneficiaries also have the right to a timely inheritance, but state laws differ on deadlines for inheritance transfers to heirs.In cases where the beneficiaries and executor can't agree on compensation, the court decides.State laws define instances of unacceptable conduct by an executor.

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