Chris bath dating jim wilson

I finally brought myself up and back a bit and stared for minutes into his big, brown, puppy dog eyes. I felt his breath on my face as he said, "Your eyes are stunning, (y/n)." I've been binge-watching House, and like many, felt that canon needed a redo. Personally, I'm an anti-Huddy, so I concluded their breakup a little differently.

Cuddy has just broken up with House and he goes through an existential moment.

Cameron’s old boyfriend, Greyson Rockland, goes on trial and causes more tribulations for everyone. AU: A split of the timeline from season 4 of house into an entirely new season.

At the new hospital, a member of House’s and Cameron’s team develops a dangerous obsession. Introducing a new character head of the psych department.

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She begins to realize that maybe she likes the treatment more than she ever thought she could.

Until his oncologist walks through the door, and suddenly there’s a lot left still to fight for.

A sort of fix-it fic where Neil Perry lives but under the pseudonym James Wilson.

When May is offered a job at Princeton Plainsboro, these two clash: the young woman with the intense need to control everything in her life and the doctor who doesn't know when to stop trying to fix everything and everyone. Warnings for whole fic: Alcohol mention, sexual content. This is my first fanfic ever, and I chose to tackle a Wilson reader-insert due to my own massive crush on James Wilson and the lack of reader-insert Wilson fics out there.

As it is my first fanfic ever, it is also my first time writing smut. As soon as House and Cameron arrive home from their honeymoon, Hilary makes an announcement that changes things for everyone.

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