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dedicated to one horrible man who ended up going out in a blaze of sexist sex-shaming, Hannah’s ending is a bit of a question mark.Her three remaining guys are certainly the only three other guys we got to know very much about this season, but there’s no clear frontrunner.ABC Jen Schefft returned after her breakup with Andrew Firestone to sift through her own batch of suitors. Jerry Ferris did propose to her after she finally decided he was better than runner-up John Paul Merritt during the live final episode, but she rejected his proposal.

Colton Underwood‘s season finale played out over two nights earlier this year, beginning with the infamous fence jump and Colton’s attempt to escape from production after Cassie Randolph told him she was leaving and ending with Colton and Cassie just dating. .’s season of also ended with a two-night finale, and it’s not hard to figure out why.

Byron proposed to Mary Delgado, who also competed in season four, in Spanish so that her Cuban parents could understand.

She accepted, but they never actually married before breaking up in 2009.

It’s truly unfortunate that these two episodes will also be the first ones all season that Luke Parker can’t possibly dominate, but at least it seems he’s gone for good, and hopefully Hannah will be able to happily move on amidst whatever drama happens For now, let’s take a look back at every finale of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, some of which were extra dramatic, and some of which seem totally boring now in hindsight.

ABC Not even the first season of the entire franchise featured a proposal. He did propose to his chosen lady, Helene Eksterowicz (who we also don’t remember), but they broke up after a few months.

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