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(When and how do they discuss the reproductive system, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual harassment, and so on?) If they use textbooks or handouts, read them yourself.Then put the book in your child's room, where she can look at in private, and casually tell her that you've left it there for her to look at if she wants to. Books for parents looking for guidance on the subject include How to talk to your child about sex by Michael and Terri Quinn and What is love? Boys may notice the erections of other boys (even babies), wonder about their own erections and physical responses, and hear "boner" jokes or other crude references at an early stage, so it's a good idea to explain erections even to very young boys in a low-key way, making sure they understand that there's nothing shameful about a natural body response that they often have no control over.You can be sure the book will be read, and it may ease her fears and help her feel more comfortable about talking to you about sexual issues and feelings. This should be easier if you've used the correct terms for body parts from the beginning; if you haven't, start getting your child comfortable with saying "penis" and easing him away from the euphemistic terms he's used until now.Boys begin to have wet dreams when they reach puberty, usually between the ages of 9 and 15.

At school, ask the teachers exactly what they're teaching at each class level.It's not too early to start talking to your child about the important connections among sex, love, and responsibility.You may want to explain that kissing another person's private parts is another way of having sex; that even though a girl can't get pregnant this way, it's possible to transmit dangerous diseases through oral sex; and that oral sex, just like the other kind, entails feeling love, commitment, and regard for the person with whom it's performed.You probably worry about what comes at your child on the Internet, but watch their television programmes, too. Be aware of what registers at their eye level on magazine stands, particularly the ones that hold adults-only publications.If you can stand it, listen to your child's favourite radio stations for a while.

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