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To date, it remains their first and only LP for which no retail physical singles were produced.The band did finally come through in September of that year with a digital single for “Song for Someone,” complete with a live version as a B-side, albeit only on streaming services with the exception of one download store in Czech Republic.This is only a small smattering of casual encounter sites, but it was large enough to test out our research.In order to prove that many casual encounter platforms are actually scam sites, we sent out 10 contact emails a day to women on each site. For those unfamiliar with the term, a casual encounter is 9 times out of 10 a polite way of referring to a quickie – fast and hot sex anytime, anyplace.For those who are familiar with the term, you’re likely a frequenter of casual sex sites.While this on its own doesn’t mean a site is a scam, the reality becomes more serious when you look at the hard numbers.If we only received less than 50 responses from a site when we sent out 900 contact emails, doesn’t that seem fishy? The sites that did offer a high rate of interaction proved to be genuine casual encounter sites that are worth looking into.

We’re here to announce that men the world over don’t have to waste their time using fake casual encounter sites any more.

After doing this over and over again for three months, we felt we had enough data to be confident in our conclusion.

Some sites offered a lot of hits, but we were discouraged by how many sites saw little to no response.

What is a problem is a scam hookup site tricking men into using their services.

It’s easy to make a scam hookup site in the modern age.

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