Caveman dating

Therefore, much of women's mating drive is influenced by how good of a relationship she has with the guy before she gets turned-on for the fun. Even after our child-bearing years are over, we look for a mate with the same characteristics as when we were young.Smart men figure out that before the action starts they have to prove their intensions to stick around after the fun is over. Most women always seek a man who is strong and caring with a lot of resources to make a good home for the family -- and "good-looking " is not really important.Its cave walls are adorned by prehistoric cave paintings that date back around 8000 to 4000 years ago.Over 700 drawings were discovered on its cave walls.Humans survived as a species because of wise choices and practices of ancient ancestors in attracting mates.

In regard to zoomorpic items, there are bovids, caprids, dogs, big birds, as well as schematic linear quadrupeds.

Most men at any age are attracted to all healthy, young, fertile women who can make healthy babies -- even when he doesn't want any children.

It seems that the software that drives our internal unconscious mental "computer" for mate selection does not come with software upgrades for after menopause!

wikipedia In the Patagonian landscape of southern Argentina, Cueva de las Manos is a cave in an isolated region.

It’ll take its reference from the stenciled outlines of hands of humans; however, there also are several depictions of rheas, guanacos, additional animals, and hunting scenes.

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