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A few small specialty manufacturers make bicycle cranks in a number of sizes smaller than 165 mm and longer than 180 mm.

Some manufacturers also make bicycle cranks that can be adjusted to different lengths.

Adult or multi-piece cranks have a 9/16 inch hole with 20 TPI (a combination that appears to be unique to this application).Tubular steel cranks (such as Tioga's Revolver) can be light and very strong, are usually found on BMX bikes, and are slowly finding their way to mountain bikes (dirt jumping and urban assault).Aluminum cranks may be cast, hot forged or cold forged ("cold" in this context means the billet from which the crank is to be made is heated to a specified temperature well below the melting point, not room temperature).Larger wheel diameters (26" to 36") require longer cranks, as do disciplines such as Mountain Unicycling, Trials, Street, and Flatland.These unicycles and disciplines commonly use cranks lengths greater than 125mm.

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