Cam model without id

Cube cameras are ideal for Home CCTV and other similar indoor IP CCTV applications where cost-effective indoor CCTV monitoring with remote access is required.

Cam model without id-84

Yes, the cube cameras come with the IR/ Day-night view. The mobile application is available for both Android and i OS. The connection to access point can be established via Mobile phone. In case of power outage, the cameras will seek date and time update from the Wi-Fi network. In case the audio from the camera is not detected, reset the camera by gently inserting a small pin in the reset hole. Sometimes the mobile app shows the camera is offline, whereas the camera is online, what seems to be the problem? Please check that the network connection – both cube camera and mobile phone should be connected to the internet. How can the users view the feed from the cube camera on PC/ Laptop? Once the camera is online, the user can access it through the cloud ID and the CMS software installed on the PC/Laptop. Can the camera be provided power via USB, though Laptop or PC? No, the PC/Laptop USB port has 0.5 Amp power supply. Sometimes getting problem to see camera online on V380s app. So, django model automatically creates id as a primary key and giving me error while posting the data. class Meta: managed = False db_table = 'IMPT_Customer' from import models class Impt Customer(models. Auto Field(primary_key=True, db_column='Customer Id') # Field name made lowercase.But our latest Narratively story isn't available online. The power is supplied to the camera by the adaptor (given along with the IP Camera). Can the customer use another adaptor of same voltage? Would recommend using the adaptor provided with the camera- as the same has been tested and found to be in compliance with the particular model. The IP camera power requirement is 5VDC, 1.5 Amp (micro USB).

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