Brody dating whitney

"I've had a baby, I got married and then I got divorced.

So, it's been a crazy couple years," she explained at the top of the show, "I feel like I'm waking up from a bad dream." She, too, was dealing with anxiety, after a custody battle with Bohan over their daughter Kirra.

"I cut off a lot of friendships and I cut off a lot of opportunities all for this guy that treated me like shit," she later explained to Stephanie.

"I was so numb and isolated and so depressed I lost over 20 pounds." She later broke down in tears as she said she "never thought" she would be a single mother at 33.

However, she did discuss her general feelings on social media, and her strategies for keeping her sanity while engaging online.

It all went down on Sunday afternoon, when Brody shared an Instagram post on social media and wrote, "Don't let yesterday take up too much of today."Fans thought it was a direct response to the photos circulating showing Miley kissing his ex, just hours after the singer announced her split from Hemsworth.

At 23, he's much younger than the rest of the cast, though said he's friends with Brody Jenner.

He had just moved into his first home, with mom Pamela Anderson swinging by for her very first visit.

While Whitney and Frankie were largely left out of any drama and Wahler has yet to appear, keep reading to see where the new cast members fit into the bigger picture and who they and the returning stars already have beef with.

The episode actually began with Audrina moving into a brand new house, after a nasty divorce form Corey Bohan and some time living with her parents.

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