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Confirm meetings; everything is subject to change at the last minute. ★★★★Taurus (April 20-May 20): Take a realistic view, and others’ confusion won't affect your thinking and decisions. 64843 Politically 7971973 Something Good Tonight-Healing 973336 Paid Prog.

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In the second, Eric’s job keeps him from Donna’s party. “AHy Mc Beal”: Sometimes, you have to improvise when things are going well.

and 9 p.m., CBS.' “Suddenly, Susan”: Suddenly, Luis has a new wife; Susan is skeptical. “King of Queens”: A promotion doesn’t seem to make Doug happy. “That ’70s Show”: In the first episode, Hyde moves into Eric’s house - and promptly outshines Eric.

Our Vision: Creating communities where aging is honored and celebrated.

We believe older adulthood is filled with potential, possibilities and passion.

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Johnstown Tribune Democrat (Newspaper) - July 26, 1999, Johnstown, Pennsylvania Page B6The Tribune-Democrat, Johnstown. This means talking about your feelings as well as your ideas. If you are single, you tend to put others on pedestals, which causes a lot of internal unhappiness when they tumble off. ” ★★★★★Cancer (June 21-July 22): Making money is a high priority. He sees the situation differently than you do and gives you some sobering but important advice. Nevertheless, associates seem to color nearly everything with confusion. (R) (CC) (S) (Part 2 of 2) 863114 Antiques Roadshow (R) 859783 Access Hollywood 1118973 The View (): Christopher Walken.

July 26,1999 HOROSCOPE If today is your birthday: J acqueline Bigar 'Keep communication open and flowing this year. New professional associations prove to be fruitful. Recognize the importance of being physically and emotionally healthy - don't put off that diet or exercise program. 22): You have a lot of ground to cover; focus is necessary. Dedication pays off Tonight: Nose to the grindstone please. 861591 True H’wood 813775 Three Minutes to Impact 881355 WNBA Basketball: Charlotte Sting at New York Liberty. 367591 NFL Great Daily Mass 5111715 Show Me the Funny 959220 Sportsbeat 485881 M*A*S*H Show Me the Funny 689959 Vets (CC) 31862 Love 98171 Nightline 70686713 Show () (CC) (S) (TVPG) 3877094 Extra () (CC) 8299534 Grace Under Fire 5335089 Paid Program () 2024260 Paid Pro-iram () 1053621 Mc Laughlin One on One 54350 Frank Lloyd Wright.

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