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Ella Scrymsour has been something of a mystery to researchers for many years.

A relatively minor author, her work nevertheless falls into a number of categories where people keenly seek out information: science fiction, horror and crime.

Jupiter has a planet-wide advanced civilization of humans descended from an Adam and Eve who did not sin and so were never cast out of their garden. After a battle with a devil-worshiper for the hand of the princess, our unmarried hero marries her and eventually becomes King of Jupiter and lives happily ever after. PRESENTATION OF "THE BRIDGE OF DISTANCES" IN THE INTERNATIONAL THEATRE The International, founded and directed by Irma Kraft, finishes its inauguration shiningly.

For the opening an interesting Chinese atmosphere work was chosen, written by two English.

"There was a slight splash, but no sound came to tell him that it had reached the bottom".

He eventually comes upon humanoid creatures—"no more than three foot six inches", with purple skin, flaxen hair, and a ten-inch horn in the middle of the forehead.

One of these attacks him—"he beat his horn in Alan's face". The horned purple midgets (the High Priestess has "small and pretty" features, "almost of English mould") turn out to be the descendants of ancient Hebrews swallowed up by the earth for defying Moses (see Numbers 16, v.31); and our heroes (the one who vanished is found by the one lost from the mine—he had been dragged down into the bowels of the earth by an incomprehensible sort of electric rope that the troglodytes have for that purpose), who have had proper classical educations at Queens College, Cambridge, soon learn to speak their corrupted Hebrew.

The mechanic goes out too soon and dies of the sulfurous gases of the upper atmosphere.

Oddly enough, the basic data on Jupiter is about right—it is five times as far from the Sun as the Earth and our heroes realize that this would give it only 1/25 the solar radiation.

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