Black dragon dating profile

But this became a strength and one of the main ways the platform gets recognition!

It is free to download but offers it’s users a freemium model which means they can use it for free or pay to upgrade and enjoy additional features which enhance the user experience.

Online dating has evolved immensely and we have a niche for everything you can imagine!

Their idea is that it will get people interacting in a different way rather than just texting; “if it is free and easier to audio call or video call who you are talking to then some people will opt for that, that’s good!

” – Arielle Phoenix Other Features include: Showing up first in chats Getting message read receipts Seeing who liked your profile Advanced match search options (search by virtually anything on a persons profile!

SBL dating often pops up on Instagram and Youtube via top influencers in the African and African American community who are on board with the mission.

This started due to a limited marketing budget which is an issue many black-owned businesses face if they are privately funded, which SBL Dating is.

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