Asperger dating books

If you want relationship skills, you need friendship skills.

Social isolation is not conducive to developing long term relationships—or even short term ones.

) are not the skills that help people survive and thrive as adults.

For example, being able to bully people without getting caught has very limited value in the adult world; however, in the world of high school, bullies can thrive.

These last two are particular helpful as they can provide safety zones for bullied kids.

There are folks who just looooove to socialize incessantly, and who seem to consider their week a dead loss of they have to spend more than a few hours alone.The ways we learn to socialize, and the degree and type of social activities may well differ, but we can socialize more than enough for our own health and well-being. In trying to help people with AS develop social skills and friendships, parents and family members forget to address one vital question: why socialize? There must be motivation to develop social ties; something a little more compelling than “It’s on your IEP,” or “Because I said so!” The reality is that humans are social animals, and whether those of us who have AS like it or not, we are, in fact, human beings.Employers are leery of someone whose Mom is too involved!The way humans build social skills is through trial and error, as well as through getting feedback from other people.

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