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It doesn’t matter how well structured your argument is, or how clear and factual a point may be, a psychopath will never concede that you may be, in any small way, right.

They will refuse to grant you even the smallest gesture of congratulations, instead using spurious information and irrelevant details to confuse the point you’ve made and spin it so that they can maintain their air of superiority.

Picture a psychopath and you’re likely to think of the stereotypical Hollywood serial killer such as Hannibal Lecter or Christian Bale’s character in American Psycho.

But while an estimated one percent of the adult population could rightfully be categorized as psychopaths, many are functional, often successful individuals.

They are incapable of admitting when they are at fault and will defend their innocence until the death where necessary.

It will often seem like an attitude of denial and can be regularly seen among climate skeptics, conspiracy theorists, and other such groups.When the argument revolves around past events and the actions of this person, you will encounter a wave of lying, denial, and fantasy that bears no resemblance to reality as you know it.They will deny wrongdoing, blame others, make you out to be wrong on the facts, and use all sorts of smoke and mirrors to project their own version of events.Of course, should you ever find yourself arguing with someone who embodies many of these traits, there is only one, sensible course of action: stop talking and physically remove yourself from the argument.It may not feel great to concede in this way, but it is the only option if you want to maintain your sanity. Leave a comment below and share your experience of what it was like to argue with them.

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