Are taylor swift and taylor lautner dating 2016

Meanwhile Calvin, 32, was nowhere to be found, which has led to fears their relationship is on the rocks.

A source further claims that when Harris found out about his girlfriend’s alleged tryst with Hiddleston, he “hit the roof.” OH DEAR THIS STORY SOUNDS LIKE FANFIC GONE WRONG 1st things 1st, Tay and Tom were just dancing together and there are rumors that he may be the next James Bond: Also, why would Calvin care what Taylor does?

Not to mention, it's sending a sign to men that it's OK to give another guy your ex's phone number without her permission for him to ring her up, which it's NOT.

I'm thrilled that Taylor's on Instagram, but hoping his future posts are a little more respectful (and possibly shirtless).

star Lea Michele, who got Lautner to admit Swift wrote a song about their relationship. She writes songs," the actor said before reluctantly confirming, "It's called 'Back to December.'" Lautner has since dated actresses Lily Collins and Marie Avgeropoulos.

co-star Adam Sandler and asking him to star in his first video for Instagram.

In an interview with Taylor Swift, she says that she is single, and it is her choice to be single. But the guy was already dating a snooty bratty girl. When dating is involved there is lots of gossip and people begin saying things that aren't even true.

Oh gosh, these stories are sounding more fake as the days go by lol.But guys, don’t forget about what’s happening this weekend.The Billboard Music Awards are happening and let’s see if Tay actually walks the carpet with her beard or her faux friends.The two were spotted dancing together recently at a New York City gala, and later were in full canoodle mode at an after-party.“Taylor was clearly going to town with Hiddleston,” gushed an eyewitness.

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