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As you wait for my response, please don’t call me, or visit me, or contact my daughter, you will be disqualified automatically. You will be acknowledged only if you emerge successful.So in an effort to give the Dads what they want, we have the now famous “Rules for Dating my Daughter” T-shirt.We have an online store with lots of other fun products. In case you missed the blog, “10 Rules for Dating my Daughter” post.A woman’s place is in the _________________________ D.The one thing I hope this application doesn’t ask is________________________________________ E. Are you willing to wear an electronic tracking device?IN CASE YOU ARE WONDERING, WE HAVE TURNED THIS APPLICATION INTO A SHIRT AS WELL! Also, in case you were wondering, all of this is done in good fun and meant to be kind of an inside joke for Dad’s who have daughters! Here is a brief thought: Most of what your daughter will use to screen a potential boyfriend will be her experience of watching you with your wife.How you treat women will be how she will expect to be treated.

Sign here: ___________Sign again: __________Thank you for showing interest in my daughter.

In case of divorce, who do you think is the owner of the kids between father and mother?

Explain the meaning of ”COME HOME EARLY” as used by married women. Give any THREE reasons that can cause a man to sleep outside his house.10.

Click HERE It was really fun to see Dads around the world unite around this funny little take on daughters beginning to date. It is no surprise to me that Dads of daughters united around this topic.

As a follow up blog, I wanted to pass along another handy tool that you may want to use with your daughter’s suitor.

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