Am i his girlfriend or are we just dating

If he flips his phone over when he's with you, or won't let you borrow it to look at something, it's because he's texting someone else.There is literally no other reason you would be weird about something like that.We're giving you our heart and unconditional love in exchange for a Hanes T-shirt. He asks to cum on your tits/face – Unless he's coming on your stomach, your thighs, himself, or inside the condom, he's here for a good time, not a long time.He refuses to use emojis when he texts you – His lame ass isn't better than emojis.He's going to get off either way — you won't.He doesn't tell his parents about you – If he's never mentioned bringing you up to his mom, or sister even, it's because he's not sure you're the right one.Nobody has enough space on their phone for unnecessary apps.

He thinks you'd rather keep coming to him than not come at all. You mostly just Netflix and chill – If hanging out with him means always hanging out with every character, too, he's not into you, he's lonely.If he really likes you, sometimes there won't be a need for it.Occasionally it's sweet and romantic to get straight to the act.Parents are super pushy, and once they know they'll keep asking.So if he considers this a fling, of course he's not going to tell them about you.

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