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There may be some differences, depending on which software is used (rather, depending on which underlying dataset is used by the software and the form in which the results are presented). Cal Pal Online Software here, using the Cal Pal2007_HULU curve.

(Not necessarily the most reliable or most detailed results, but still an interesting point of comparison with the other software below.) , even when speaking to a lay audience, while explaining radiocarbon dating, as given in Krosney’s account (p.

Head in the Tyndale Bulletin [2007]), they demonstrate dependence on Krosney (or, in the case of the brief account on Krosney’s page 326, perhaps a statement not from Krosney but rather prepared at National Geographic and used in both books published by National Geographic).

The exact same quote (with some of the same surrounding context) is shared between Krosney’s book on page 326, the 1st edition of the book on page 184, and the National Geographic webpage.

After something is dead, its C-14 as a fraction of C-12 will decrease, because of the radioactive decay of the unstable C-14 isotope.

This lets us look at how much carbon it had, versus how much C-14 carbon it lost, due to the (roughly speaking, steady) radioactive decay of this carbon isotope.

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Most importantly, calibrated dates are , which is the interpretation that the journalist put on these figures.It is then converted into a “radiocarbon date” (equivalently, “radiocarbon age” and “radiocarbon years” BP) according to the conventions described above.The Wikipedia page on Radiocarbon dating actually seems to be fairly good and goes over some of the potential pitfalls involved in radiocarbon dating.The most detailed account of the C-14 carbon dating results for the Gospel of Judas manuscript in Codex Tchacos, of which I am aware, is found in the book by journalist Herbert Krosney, The Lost Gospel: The Quest for the Gospel of Judas Iscariot, published by National Geographic (April 6, 2006).While I am aware of other discussions (particularly in The Gospel of Judas, 1st edition [April 6, 2006], p. 209, also published by National Geographic, and by Peter M.

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