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Sadly, “success” in the pickup artist mindset often translates as “more sex.” Women are subtly (and often not-so subtly) demeaned while the rules create an army of emotionless robots whose prime directive is to add another notch to the old bedpost.Guys who are good at the pick up typically don’t know squat about what’s really going on inside a woman.I have always been that girl who was able to hang with the boys.Even though I had tons of girlfriends, my male friendships were extremely tight.When I say miserable, I don’t mean he just struck out and the girl walked away. During this time Dave asked me a million questions and we went over past mistakes he had made and I advised him on how to make sure he never made those again.I mean, failing to a point where even I felt embarrassed for his actions. Attractive, Intelligent, Great Family, Caring Man, Genuine, Funny. After this first “session” with me, Dave gave me a hug and revealed to me that I had just given him the key that every man wants.15 years of learning everything I could about what women want and why we do the things we do.

Therefore, I would resort to typical “female” behaviors that would confuse men leaving them frustrated and angry. Or were these Key Characteristics of Attraction universal to all women? So I created the “VIP Insiders Club For Men Who Win” a monthly club that gives men the upper hand with women.And, I have interviewed thousands of women to verify my discovery.I guarantee you will never have to worry about being confused by women again! My name is Marni and as you already know I am of the female persuasion!You need to know what goes on under the hood of the female mind.How she works, what she wants, and why she does the things she does.

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    Mature dating doesn’t need to feel like a chore, it can be easy to give up on love but with our help you don’t need to alone.

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    Yup, you’ve got it bad for a Leo Man, and you are all caught up in his animal magnetism! They are the confident kings in the social setting.