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The Lexington District, surveyed by Samuel Wilson, included Perry Countv, split by the Tennessee River. At this time, road commissioners were appointed by the county court to the various districts in the county. In 1950, the method was changed to election by popular vote. In 1956 Laffertv was re-elected and served continuously until 1962. John Wesley Smith was elected in 1970 and in 1972 he was re-elected. Born in Henderson County, January 10, 1835, he was a Civil War veteran, and was wounded at the battle of Shiloh.

Following the transactions, the government sent five surveyors into West Tennessee to apportion 1 2 Tennessee County History Series it into five districts and to divide the districts into counties. After his term the county appointed Adkins Maners in 1948. (Booty) Long was elected in 1962 and was re-elected four times, the last term being 1970. James Tate Rogers served in the 56th General Assembly from 1909 until 1911, representing Decatur and Benton counties, and the 57 th General Assembly from 1911 until his death repre- senting Decatur, Benton, Hardeman, Hardin, and Mc Nairy counties.

Crocker Associate Editor Daniel Richard Hazard Assistant Trude Wurz Secretary EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Jeanne Ridgway Bigger Ellsworth Brown Robert E. DECATUR 3 The natural forces that shaped the earth ages ago left Decatur County an interesting topography. Fisher, 33, North Carolina, Methodist Thomas Hay, 48, Ireland, Methodist Priar Hill, 49, North Carolina, Baptist S. With a 200-day growing season, abundant rainfall, and naturally drained, fertile bottomland for crops, the county was well suited for farming. Odle filled the office from 1930 until 1934 when J. He has served as president of Farmers Bank, and as chairman of the schoolboard in 1957 and lives in Decaturville. Proprietor of Boaz Furnitue and Boaz Goodyear Tire Company, he served twice as mayor of Parsons. Rhodes served the 78th and 89th General Assem- blies, 1953-19-1959, representing Decatur and Benton counties. Folmsbee, Stanley J., Corlew, Robert E., and Mitchell, Enoch L. Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press, 1969.

Besides fish and shells there were giant turtles and huge reptiles of dinosaur size. Born in 1907 at Sugar Tree in the Hog Creek Community, son of Mansfield and Cordelia Estelle Harrison Townsend, he was an automobile dealer, insurance agent, and farmer.

Odell Freeman, who was instrumental in shaping my life, starting me to school in the primer at Hickory Grove School in Gibson County and later to Peabody High School in Trenton, Tennessee. Without her encouragement and love this history might never have been compiled. J., 26 Bowman, Albert, 60 Bowman, Exie, 49 Bowman, W. H.,' 15, 58, 96-97 Burton, Doc, 107 Buder, Guv, 58, 69 Buder, Omer, 46 Butler, Violet, 46 Bvrd. G, 48 Full Gospel Pentecostal Church, 54 Funderburk, Brenda, 26 Funderburk, David, 69 Gainus, R. W., 11 Garrett Community, 28 General Session judges, list of, 1 16 Gibbs, C. E., 95 Graves, Jerry, 26 Green River, 29 130 Tennessee County History Series Greer, Dorothy. B., 8, 46 Keeton, Dorothy, 22 Keeton, Lucille, 25 Keeton Springs Methodist Church, 43, 46 Kelley, Opal, 52 Kelly, H. She is now serving as city judge and county historian.

Gore ISBN 0-87870-077-3 II 7553 This volume is lovingly dedicated to my aunt, Mrs. W., 42, 92 Bob's Landing, 4, 57, 61 Boggan, Jahue, 13 Boggan, Jess, 12 Bohannon, Lawana, 50 Boogie, N. Church, 46 Freligh, John, 25 Frontier life, 6-9, 30-3 1 Fry, W. M., 88 Kaddis Manufacturing Corporation, 24 Karlyn Manufacturers, 26 Keeton, B. T., 62 Lafferty, Lonie, 46 Lamping, Jim, 12, 104 Lancaster, Acklee, 97 Lancaster, David, 47 Lancaster, Edd, 12 Lancaster, Mollie, 54 Land grants, 6 Landings, river, 53, 61-63, 80, 88 Lasater, Hugh, 25 Latta, Eulene, 24 Lee, Bernard, 29 Lee, Edd, 29 Legislators, list of, 119-121 Lewis, Mr. O., 55 Moore, Nathaniel, 9, 19 Moore, Ronnie, 26 Moore, Roy, 8 Moore, T F., 38-39 132 Tennessee County History Series Morgan. Currently, she resides in Parsons, Tennessee, where she had worked as bookkeeper of Maxwell's Furniture Mart, and manager of Maxwell's Department Store.

The Beech River tract extends from a point immediately southeast of Parsons and runs in a southeasterly direction as far as Decaturville. Some of the lumber from the sold flour mill was used in building his home at 217 Camden Road. Arnold 1 1 8 Tennessee County History Series served the office from 1882 until 1888.

Weesner Charles Wolfe TENNESSEE COUNTY HISTORY SERIES Decatur County by Lillye Younger Joy Bailey Dunn Editor Charles W. hs MEMPHIS STATE UNIVERSITY PRESS Memphis, Tennessee Copyright © 1979 by Lillye Younger All rights reserved. H., 55 Ausdn, John, 12 Automobiles, in county, 65-67 Avery, C. V.', 82 Bates, Tom, 19 Bath Springs, 8, 18, 34, 57, 111; Baptist Church, 31, 34; circuit, 43; school, 71 Baugus, Arthur, 51 Baugus, Betty, 51-52 Baugus, Maggie, 51 Baugus, G. 20 Hall, Gary, 51 Hall, James K., 32 Hamm, James F., 89 Hancock, J. N., 84 Houston, Lima, 22 Houston, Matt, 32 Houston, Milt, 50 Houston, Olan, home of, 32 Houston, S. C, 49 Livery stables, 19-20 Lobelville, 26 Lockwood, James W., 10 Lone Chestnut, 57; Baptist Church, 31 Long, Hood, 58 Long, James, 93 Long, Juanita, 93 Long, Wid, 58 Long, Will, 12 Lost Creek, 28 Luckett, Brother, 51 Lunsford, Abe, 70 Lunsford, Bed, 70 Lunsford, John, 70 Lunsford, Miles, 70 Lunsford School, 70 Luton, Jonathan, 87, 94 Lyles, Jim, 20 Mc Call, John E., Jr., 95 Mc Clover, John, 106 Mc Corkle, Don, 25 Mc Corkle Hill, 57 Mc Cormic, Troy, 28 Mc Fall, Dan Eugene, 29 Mclllwain, Eliza, 54 Mclllwain, Everett, 50 Mclllwain, Rebecca, 49-50 Mc Kenzie, Fate, 13 Mc Millian, Gilbert, 9, 93 Mc Murray, Sue, 50 Mc Murry, Lela, 50 Mc Nairy County, 2 Mc Natt, E. R, 48 Masonic Lodge, 42 Maxwell, Alice, 48 Maxwell, B. V., 103 Maxwell, Mae, 103 Maxwell's Department Store, 20 Mayo, J. R., 60 Rains, John P., 100-102; hotel, 100-101 Rains, Leslie A., 67 Rains, J. T, 55 Scotts Hill, 12-14, 19-20, 25-26, 40, 57, 111-112; Auction Company, 27 Seagraves, Harold, 51 Seed Tick Chapel, 70 Senators, list of, 122 Shannon, Bob, 79 Shannonville, 57 Shaw, Gene, 24 Shaw, Jim, 26 Shelby County, 15 Sheriff, county, list of, 117-118 Simmons, George, 12 Simmons, Paul, 95 Smalls, Tom, 50 Smiley, Jack, Jim, and Nell, 15 Smiley Sand and Gravel Company, 15 Smith, Hardin, 92 Smith Hotel, 21, 95 Smith House, 80 Smith, Jacob, 34 Smith, James, 25, 39 Smith, John William, 20 Smith, Joseph, 95 Smith, J. Herkie, 48 Thomas, Kit, 48 Thomas, Rada, 22 Thompson, Boss, 58 Thornton, C. A., 50 Tucker, Gabe, 46 Tucker, George W., 9 Tucker, Jess, 43 Tulane Hotel, 100 Turnpikes, 58 Tuten, Clint, 13 Two-foot, 46 Tyler, Martha, 25 Union Hall schoolhouse, 46 United Pentecostal Churches, Southern District, 54 Veasey, W. Hill and Son Tile Co., 82 Veterans, Vietnam, 89-90 Vise, E. A., 9 White, Harold, 24 White, Paul, 28 White's Creek, 4 DECATUR 135 Williams, D.

The terrain is broken by gently sloping hills that flank long valleys. Those wishing to farm came, ac- quired land, and built their homes with determination and hard work. Tim Boaz served in the 76th General Assembly, 1949-1951, representing Decatur and Benton counties. Born at Scotts Hill, February 4, 1910, son of Sam O. During his term the counties represented were changed to Decatur, Perry, Wayne, and a portion of Lawrence and Hardin.

Commodore Decatur had won fame in the naval war with Tripoli and had later served with great distinction in the War of 1812. Carmon Montgomery served from 1954 until 1956 and he was followed by Ola Duck who held the office from 1956 until 1962. Road Commissioners Serving Decatur County as road commissioners were F. DECATUR 121 Jackson Landon White served in the 64th General Assembly, 1925-1927, representing Decatur and Benton counties.

Consequently, the November session of the Tennessee General Assembly in that same year passed an act to form a new county out of that part of Perry County lying west of the Tennessee River to be known and distinguished by the name of Decatur in honor of and to perpetuate the memory of Commodore Stephen Decatur of the United States Navy, of whose services our nation should be proud and whose memory should be revered. Dennison served the office from 1972 until 1976, at which time he was defeated by Ray Outlaw. Representing the bar in the early history of the county were H. and Nettie Welch, he attended the University of Tennessee and graduated in law from Cumberland University.

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