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A guy in the raspberry business from western Serbia smashes and grabs his way through a heist eight time zones away in Tokyo and scoots off past shopping centers and sushi bars with a -million necklace known as the Countess of Vendome. Djordjije Rasovic graced arrest warrants, a thief with brazen nerves, part of an international Balkan crime gang known as the Pink Panthers.

He and one of his accomplices, Snowy, another name too whimsical for the harsh impulses of the former Yugoslavia, brought a bit of high jinks to a land haunted by war criminals and atrocities.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends combating insomnia by getting regular exercise, setting routine bed and wake times, limiting caffeine and alcohol intake, and improving the sleep environment.

If insomnia persists, women can talk to their doctors about sleep to determine other steps they can take to improve their sleep.

It's a forbidden glamour the Balkans have long relished. It's not something I would do, but they're rocking," said Marko Petrovic, a university student studying environmental protection who, on a recent night, strolled through Nis with enough money to buy a drink for himself but not for a girl, if he met one. Throughout wars and sanctions, the country relied on corruption and smuggling as criminals and politicians -- sometimes one and the same -- negotiated deals over plum brandy and cigars.

One of the best-known outlaws was Zeljko Raznatovic, a Montenegrin Serb known as Arkan who, before he became a paramilitary commander with a penchant for war crimes, was wanted across the continent for robbery, murder and escaping a number of European prisons. You pull one string, and you find a group of others."That is how, according to police, Rasovic, the raspberry guy, ended up in the Ginza shopping district of Tokyo in 2004 with a forged passport and big ambitions.

There are several factors that may affect women's quantity and quality of sleep: Sleep disturbances during pregnancy due to excess weight and position of the fetus.

Difficulty sleeping during menopause due to hot flashes.

In my opinion, they're pawns and stool pigeons."The Countess of Vendome has not been found.

Being woken up and moved around on the bed by the partner.

(Men tend to be larger than women) Worrying about problems and losing sleep as a result.

"The 1990s were an ideal time for creating criminals in the Balkans," said Dobrivoje Radovanovic, a Belgrade criminologist. The more aggressive and stupid, however, became war criminals. One of the robbers distracted a shop assistant; the other sprayed a second salesperson with pepper spray.

Glass cases were smashed and the thieves fled with jewels, including the Countess of Vendome necklace, which is studded with 116 diamonds, including a 125-carat oval center stone.

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