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The nature of the relationship between Epstein and Maxwell, the favorite daughter of embezzling press baron Robert Maxwell, who died when he fell or was pushed from his yacht, the is not well known.

Multiple victims claim she was both part of the sex trafficking ring, often bringing girls to Epstein, and a sexual participant.

She always thought if she just did one more thing for him, to please him, he would marry her.” Maxwell had one other thing to tell this woman: “When I asked what she thought of the underage girls, she looked at me and said, ‘they’re nothing, these girls.

They are trash.’” Maybe the temple was a “guest house” to which Epstein would direct his visitors and their underaged “companions” so that they could have some alleged privacy, little knowing that the entire structure is wired for extortion reasons.

As part of Epstein’s original plea deal, negotiated with Alexander Acosta, the others implicated were also given immunity from prosecution, which is partly why victims like Virginia Roberts Giuffre pursued her and others in civil courts.MCC is so understaffed that support workers like nurses and secretaries are often given cursory training as guards and subbed in when a fully trained guard is absent.In any case, the inmate who used to share Epstein’s cell and reportedly found him after his previous suicide attempt was a few cells away during his successful attempt this weekend and allegedly heard nothing. The lack of fully trained guards in Epstein’s wing of the prison isn’t the only professional lapse associated with his death.Under those circumstances, they were better off staying on his good side by continuing to cultivate his friendship and enjoy his … We’re still waiting on a verdict from New York’s medical examiner on Epstein’s death but the Times reported yesterday that she’s “confident” it was indeed suicide by hanging.Sources told the New York Post that Epstein did it with a bedsheet tied to the top bunk in his cell, with the prisoner kneeling in order to strangle himself.

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